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Dam Safety

Owning a dam is a huge responsibility, especially if you have a state regulated dam in South Carolina. Since the floods of October 2015, the Department of Health and Environmental Control has ramped up efforts to ensure that our state is protected from floods occurring from dam failures. The bulk of that work is performed through the Dams and Reservoirs Safety Program. All regulated dams will be inspected and the owners of these dams will be instructed to remedy any defects discovered. Additionally, DHEC is rapidly developing inundation studies to assist with emergency action plans (EAPs) for most regulated dams. Based on the damage that may occur from failure, the hazard classification may change for your dam.

How we can help

If DHEC has instructed you to remedy the condition of your dam or if you have received a notice of hazard classification change, we can help. Our professionals have the experience and knowledge required to address these issues. Many of the inundation studies and inspections performed at the state level are very conservative. Our staff can perform in depth inundation studies and inspections on your behalf. We are well versed in the Laws and Regulations governing dams and reservoirs in South Carolina and can provide the professional consultation you need. We may be able to help reduce or completely eliminate the requirements imposed on you, based on the results of our inspections and studies.

The choice between Repair or Removal

Without the proper upfront studies and evaluations, many dam owners are stuck with the costly choice of removing the dam or repairing it. Even if you have only received a notice of hazard classification change, you can find yourself in this position. Often major spillway upgrades are required as a result of class change. Please contact us to see if we are able to help. If we can't, we'll refer you to a trusted professional that can.

Our goal is to provide you with the information needed to ensure you're able to make the appropriate decisions for the safety of your dam and the downstream community.  We are committed to ethical engineering practices and we know that as a dam owner you're well aware of the challenges involved.

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